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Individual and Family Counseling

Bannock House has full-time counselors available as well as counseling interns from Idaho State University to provide individual and family counseling to youth up to 18 years of age in the community. This is a free service to the community - there is no fee.

Conflict Management Group

This is an 8 week program to help young people learn to deal with conflict and feelings of anger in a healthy and appropriate way. We offer three different age group sessions: 4th-6th grade, 7th-8th grade, and 9th-12th grade. There is a $20 one-time fee for the 8 week program to help cover costs of the group. $5 is refunded to the participant upon successful completion of the program.

Victim Assistance Counseling

Victim Assistance Counseling is available for youth who are victims of crimes.  Crimes can include child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, assault, robbery, and other violent crimes. Services available include crisis counseling, individual and group therapy, information and referral, criminal justice support and advocacy, assistance filing compensation claims, and personal advocacy. Victim Assistance Counseling is made available through a grant from the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence & Victim Assistance.
For any information on our counseling programs or to make a referral please call us at (208) 234-2244.


Square One offers an emergency shelter for runaway and homeless youth ages 10-17 that in crisis throughout Southeast Idaho.  The shelter can house youth for up to 21 days.  Services provided through this program include: food, shelter, clothing, and medical care as needed.  We also provide counseling for individuals and families, anger/conflict management groups, independent living groups, and GED preparation and study.  While staying at the shelter, youth will have the opportunity to participate in individual, family, and group counseling.  The primary goal of this program is to help youth reunify with their families.  If reunification is not possible, Square One assists the youth in securing a stable living environment.  There is no charge for this program.
To learn more about the Crisis Program contact Square One at (208)478-1333.
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The Transitional Living Program (T.L.P.) is designed to help runaway and homeless youth learn to “make it” on their own.
Ages 16-18:  This program is designed for youth ages 16-18 throughout Southeast Idaho, whom have struggled with traditional family living and are ready to give adulthood a try.  This is a voluntary agreement between the youth, their legal guardian, and Square One.  This program teaches independent living skills and allows for practice of these skills while still in a supervised living situation.  There is no charge for this program. Youth can receive shelter for an average of three months.
Ages 18-21
: This program is designed for youth ages 18-21 that still need some assistance with transitioning to adulthood.  The youth live in apartments and have specific independent living goals that are working towards.  Youth can receive shelter for up to eighteen months.
To learn more about the Transitional Living Program contact Square One at (208)478-1333.
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The Bannock Youth Foundation Independent Living Program is a program designed to teach youth the skills that will help them succeed in life. The program offers an assessment of life skills, workshops, and one-on-one supervision to teach youth the following: Self Care, Daily Living, Social Development, Money Management, Housing & Community Resources, and Work & Study.  Youth can receive shelter for up to eighteen months
To learn more about the Independent Living Program, contact the Bannock Youth Foundation Independent Living Coordinator at (208)478-1333.
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This project is designed to get information out about our programs to runaway and homeless youth in the community. The overall goal is to connect runaway and homeless youth with services in the community,  particularly the runaway & homeless youth services provided by the Bannock Youth Foundation.  We have brochures and cards at businesses and establishments that are youth friendly as well as our safe place sites. We want to get the word out to youth who may need these services and are not aware of them we offer the following services through southeast Idaho:
Our Gathering Place
An after school program offering a safe place for youth to gather to get a snack, do homework, or just have a trusting adult to talk to. Open every day the school district has full school days from 3:30-5:00pm at the Trinity Episcopal Church Recreation Hall. 248 N Arthur. (across from Pocatello High School)
Street Outreach Clinics
The Street Outreach Program provides runaway and homeless youth in Pocatello with information they may need in times of crisis. The Outreach Program is able to provide youth with information, food, hygiene products, and referrals for needed services. Clinics are held at locations in the community frequented by runaway & homeless youth.